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The Government/Industry Pipeline R&D Forum was held in Crystal City, Virginia on June 24-25, 2009. The 2 day event included representatives from Federal, State and international government agencies, public representatives, research funding organizations, standards organizations, and pipeline operators from the U.S. and overseas. The forum brought government and industry pipeline stakeholders together for the following purposes:
  1. To develop a consensus agenda of technical gaps & challenges for future R&D;
  2. To identify both short and long term research objectives for liquid/gas transmission and gas distribution pipelines;
  3. Conduct basic road mapping on identified technical gaps so solicited research is addressing the need effectively; and
  4. Provide details of the ultimate research goals so appropriate end users are factored into project scopes.

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Government/Industry Pipeline R&D Forum
Crystal City, VA
June 24-25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome/Opening Remarks:

Forum Moderator: Jeff Wiese
Associate Administrator, DOT/PHMSA

Perspective on Energy Pipelines:

Speaker: Jeff Wiese
Associate Administrator, DOT/PHMSA

IMPACT: Collaboration, Coordination, Competitive Review and Co-Funding Since 2002:

Speaker: Robert Smith
R&D Manager, DOT/PHMSA

Key Challenges Facing Government & Industry:

Pipeline Safety State Partners: Tom Stemrich
Pipeline Safety Program Manager, NAPSR - Wisconsin Public Service Commission

Offshore Pipelines: Elmer P. Danenberger III
Chief, Offshore Regulatory Programs, Department of the Interior, MMS

Liquid Transportation: Kevin Bodenhamer
Vice President, Technical Services, EPCO, Inc.

Gas Transmission: David Chittick
Director of Pipeline Integrity, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

Gas Distribution Private: Susan Fleck
Vice President, Engineering Standards and Policy, National Grid

Gas Distribution Public: John Leary
Gas Superintendent, Chambersburg Utilities

Research Success Stories and Challenges:

Opportunities and Challenges of Transferring Successful R&D Products
Speaker: Daphne D'Zurko, Executive Director, NYSEARCH/NGA

Research is Impacting Consensus Standards!
Speaker: Linda Goldberg, Director, Technical Activities, NACE International

Polyethylene Pipe Non-Destructive Testing – How do you Define Success?
Speaker: George Ragula, Distribution Technology Manager, PSE&G

New Technology: Cathodic Protection and Current Mapping In-line Inspection Tool
Speaker: Jeff Whitworth, Shell Oil Products US

Track Session Information:

Forum Moderator: Jeff Wiese
Associate Administrator, DOT/PHMSA

Technical Track Sessions:

1. Threat Prevention
Session Leader: Joe Vitelli, Principal Engineer, National Grid
Session Leader: Louis Panzer, President, Locate Support Systems LLC.

Speaker 1 – PHMSA Overview: Sam Hall, DOT/PHMSA
Speaker 2 – R&D for Threat Prevention: Alicia Farag, GTI
Speaker 3 – Obstacle Detection Technologies: Maureen Droessler, OTD
Speaker 4 – Right of Way Automated Monitoring: Gweneyette Broussard, Shell Pipeline Company
Speaker 5 – Damage Prevention Technology Update: Angelo Fabiano, NGA/NYSEARCH
Speaker 6 – Damage Prevention & Right of Way Monitoring: Mark Piazza, PRCI
Speaker 7 – Securing the Pipeline Infrastructure: Brian Freeman, Senstar, Inc.
Speaker 8 – R&D Technology Matrix: Louis Panzer, Locate Support Systems, LLC
Speaker 9 – PipeGuard Overview: NYSEARCH

2. Leak Detection
Session Leader: Mark Piazza, Program Manager, Pipeline Research Council International
Session Leader: James Merritt, R&D Program Manager, DOT/PHMSA

Speaker 1 – PHMSA Overview: Jim Merritt, DOT/PHMSA
Speaker 2 – Advancing Leak Detection Technologies: Mark Piazza, PRCI
Speaker 3 – Leak Detection Technologies: Angelo Fabiano, NGA/NYSEARCH
Speaker 4 – Right of Way Automated Monitoring: Gary Shane, BP Pipeline, NA
Speaker 5 – Leak Detection: Kiran Kothari, GTI/OTD

3. Anomaly Detection/Characterization
Session Leader: Daphne D'Zurko, Executive Director, NYSEARCH/Northeast Gas Association
Session Leader: Craig Swiech, Superintendent, Operations, National Fuel

Speaker 1 – PHMSA Overview: Steve Nanney, DOT/PHMSA
Speaker 2 – A Pipeline Operator’s Perspective: Arti Bhatia, Alliance Pipeline
Speaker 3 – Ongoing GTI Research and Industry Gaps/Needs: Daniel Ersoy, GTI/OTD
Speaker 4 – Robotics Program for Inspection of Unpiggable NG Pipelines: George Vradis, NGA
Speaker 5 – Inspection Methods: Joseph Vitelli, Jr., National Grid
Speaker 6 – Anomaly Detection/Characterization R&D for In-Line Inspection: Mark Piazza, PRCI
Speaker 7 – Linking Inside, Outside and Above Pipe Inspections: Martin Fingerhut, APPLUS/RTD

4. Anomaly Remediation/Repair
Session Leader: Dave Johnson, Technical Consultant, Panhandle Energy
Session Leader: Satish Kulkarni, Consulting Engineer, El Paso Corp.

Speaker 1 – PHMSA Overview: Max Kieba, DOT/PHMSA
Speaker 2 – OTD Sponsored Research: Andy Hammerschmidt, GTI-OTD
Speaker 3 – Vintage Pipelines: Brian Leis, Battelle
Speaker 4 – State of the Art of Composite Repair Systems: Chris Alexander, Stress Engineering
Speaker 5 – Composite Repair Technology: Chris Alexander, Stress Engineering
Speaker 6 – Repair Challenges: David Chittick, TransCanada Pipelines, Ltd.
Speaker 7 – Dent Assessment Methods & Challenges: David Chittick, TransCanada Pipelines, Ltd.
Speaker 8 – Remediation Requirements: Operator's Viewpoint: David Johnson, Panhandle Energy
Speaker 9 – PRCI Overview: Max Toch, PRCI
Speaker 10 – Pipeline Fitness for Service and Repair: Mike Rosenfeld, Kiefner and Associates
Speaker 11 – Assessment Methods - Issues/Challenges: Ravi, Blade Energy Partners
Speaker 12 – Composite Repairs: Satish Kulkarni, El Paso, Corp.

5. Pipelining in Challenging Areas
Session Leader: Joe Zhou, Engineering and Technology Leader, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.
Session Leader: John O'Brien, Upstream NDE Expert, Chevron ETC

Track 5: Pipelining in Challenging Areas - Introduction
Speaker 1 – PHMSA Overview: Alan Mayberry, DOT/PHMSA
Speaker 2 – A Canadian Regulatory Perspective: Alan Murray, National Energy Board
Speaker 3 – Arctic Pipeline Design and Construction: Joe Zhou, TransCanada Pipelines, Ltd.
Speaker 4 – Materials, Welding, NDT for Arctic Pipelines: David Horsley, BP
Speaker 5 – Subsea Pipelines-Current Subsea Projects: Mark Piazza, PRCI
Speaker 6 – Subsea Pipelines-R&D for Opportunities: John O'Brien, PRCI
Speaker 7 – Offshore Pipeline Applications: Chris Alexander, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

6. Alternative Fuels/Climate Change
Session Leader: Jake Haase, Integrity Management Program Engineer, Colonial Pipeline Co.
Session Leader: Bob Wilson, Director, Materials and Standards, National Grid

Speaker 1 – PHMSA Overview: Robert Smith, DOT/PHMSA
Speaker 2 – Gas Quality & Interchangeability: Bob Wilson, National Grid
Speaker 3 – Biomethane Quality: Diane Saber, Gas Technology Institute
Speaker 4 – Barriers to Implementation of Methane Emissions Reduction: Jerome Blackman, EPA
Speaker 5 – Ethanol Roadmap Status Update: Jake Haase, Colonial Pipeline Company
Speaker 6 – Technical Needs for Biodiesel Blends: Rod Lawrence, Magellan Midstream Partners
Speaker 7 – Pipeline Usage in the Future: Tom Siewert, NIST

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Session Leader Report-Outs:

1. Threat Prevention
2. Leak Detection
3. Anomaly Detection/Characterization
4. Anomaly Remediation/Repair
5. Pipelining in Challenging Areas
6. Alternative Fuels/Climate Change

Final Remarks/Next Steps:

Forum Moderator: Jeff Wiese
Associate Administrator, DOT/PHMSA