Research & Development: Open Solicitations

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1. Core

Visit Click “Search” located in the top left of the homepage. In the “Federal Organizations” dropdown menu on the left side of the page, enter “Pipeline” then select “6957 - PIPELINE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY ADMINISTRATION.” This will show all of the solicitations PHMSA has open (alternatively, check the “Inactive” radio button below the drop down to search past solicitations). Core solicitations are listed as “FY2X – Research Announcement #Y.”


Visit Enter “CAAP” in the Keyword(s) box under the Basic Search Criteria. If there are multiple results, PHMSA CAAP solicitations will show “DOT-PHMSA” as the agency. Past solicitations can also be viewed by selecting “Archived” under the “Opportunity Status.”


SBIR Solicitation Information

4. Interagency Agreements

IAAs don’t have solicitations, but research ideas can be sent to R&

Outside of regular solicitations, Research Gap Suggestions can be submitted by following this link.