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The Government/Industry Pipeline R&D Forum was held in Houston, Texas on March 22 - 24, 2005. The 2.5 day event included approximately 185 representatives from Federal, State and international government agencies, public representatives, research funding organizations, standards organizations, and pipeline operators from the U.S. and overseas.

The objective of the forum was to allow government and industry pipeline stakeholders to develop a consensus on the technical gaps & challenges for future R&D. It addressed both short and long term research objectives for liquid and gas and transmission and distribution pipelines, covering onshore, offshore and Arctic environments. In addition, details of the ultimate research goals, technology demonstrations, and transfer and commercialization were discussed.

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Government/Industry Pipeline R&D Forum
Houston, Texas
March 22 - 24, 2005

Welcome/Opening Remarks:

Jeff Wiese, Director of Programs, DOT/PHMSA

Key Challenges Facing Government and Industry:

Theodore L. Willke, Deputy Associate Administrator, DOT/PHMSA
Carol Handwerker, Chief, Metallurgy Division, DOC/NIST
Joe Gordon, Deputy Regional Supervisor for Regional Operations, DOI/MMS
Randy Zobell, Manager, Questar Pipeline Company for INGAA
Peter Teranova, Vice President - Operations, UGI Utilities, Inc for American Gas Association
Bill Scott, Chairman, AOPL R&D Oversight Committee, Association of Oil Pipe Lines
Pam Moreno, President, In Line Inspection Association

Presentation of Interagency Coordination:

Robert Smith, R&D Manager, DOT/PHMSA

Energy Pipeline Infrastructure and Research:

Art Meyer [EPIR Presentation] [Text Version] [Executive Summary]
Chair, Industry/Government Committee on Energy Pipeline Infrastructure and Research

Direction on Brainstorming Sessions:

Jeff Wiese, Director of Programs, DOT/PHMSA

Luncheon Speaker "Benefits and Role of Research":

Mary Jane McCartney, Senior Vice President for Gas Operations, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Brainstorming Sessions:

Benefits from Research: [Agenda] [Report Out] [Session Notes]
Chair: George W. Tenley Jr., President, Pipeline Research Council International
Jeff Wiese, DOT/PHMSA
David L. Johnson, Panhandle Energy/Cross Country Energy
Robert Barbeauld, Colonial Pipeline Company

Road Mapping: [Report Out] [Agenda/Notes]
Chair: Rodney J. Anderson, Technology Manager, DOE/NETL
James Merritt, DOT/PHMSA
Paul Beckendorf, Gas Technology Institute
Gerald Paulus, City of Mesa

Technology Demonstrations and Transfer: [Report Out]
Chair: Jean-Louis Staudenmann, Advanced Technology Program Manager, DOC/NIST
Rita Freeman-Kelly, DOT/PHMSA
Lee Bowes, ATP

Peer Reviews: [Agenda] [Report Out]
Chair: Steve Gauthier, Executive Director, Gas Technology Institute
Daphne D’Zurko, NYSEARCH
Tom Kevorkian, Pipeline Research Council International
Ron Snedic, Operations Technology Development
Carol Handwerker, DOC/NIST

Standards Development: [Agenda] [Report Out] [Session Notes]
Chair: Drew Hevle, Principal Engineer, El Paso Corporation for NACE International
Linda Goldberg, NACE
Daron Moore, ASME
Andrea Johnson, API
Dr. Richard Ricker, NIST
Jeff Wiese, DOT/PHMSA

Technical Track Sessions:

Opening Remarks/Direction on Technical Track Sessions: [Report Out Remarks]
Forum Moderator: Jeff Wiese, Director of Programs, DOT/PHMSA

Damage Prevention: [Agenda] [Goals] [Report Out] [Session Notes]
Chair: Jim Walton, Co-Chair, Common Ground Alliance R&D Committee
Steve Reiger, DOT/PHMSA
Allen Peterson, NYSEARCH

Direct Assessment: [Attendees] [Report Out] [Session Notes]
Chair: Daphne D’Zurko, Vice President RD&D, NYSEARCH
Robert Smith, DOT/PHMSA
Dan Ersoy, Gas Technology Institute
Harvey Haines, Kiefner & Associates, Inc.
Gary Matocha, Duke Energy Gas Transmission

Inspection/ Repair/ Leak Detection: [Agenda] [Report Out]
Chair: Jerry Rau, Committee Chair, Corrosion & Inspection Technical Committee, PRCI
Rita Freeman-Kelly, DOT/PHMSA
Chris Buckingham, SwRI
Al Teitsma, GTI
Carl Popelar, Popelar Mechanics
Walter Kresic, Enbridge Pipelines
Marina Smith, PRCI

Design/ Construction/ Materials/ Welding: [Agenda] [Report Out] [Session Notes]
Chair: Marie Quintana, P.E., Manager, Lincoln Electric Company [Priorities][Project Administration]
Jim Merritt, DOT/PHMSA
David Horsley, TransCanada
Richard Ricker, NIST
Yong-Yi Wang, Engineering Mechanics

Facilities/ Compression/ LNG: [Report Out]
Chair: Mike Whelan, Program Director, Pipeline Research Council International
Allison B. Berkowitz, NiSource Inc.
Bill Couch, PRCI
Angela Floyd, Panhandle Energy
Charles Helm, DOT/PHMSA
Ed Bowles, Southwest Research Institute
Jeryl Mohn, Panhandle Energy
Eric Thomas, GMRC
Jasmine Urisk, Canadian Energy Partnership
Jim Witte, El Paso Pipeline Group

Environmental Risk Assessment and Impact: [Agenda] [Report Out] [Session Notes]
Co-Chair:Debbie Ristig (gas), Sr. Director, Compliance and Support Services, CenterPoint Energy
Co-Chair: Jerry Englehardt (liquid), Kinder Morgan
Bill Kendrick
Cross Country Pipeline

Closing Remarks: [Next Steps]
Forum Moderator: Jeff Wiese, Director of Programs, DOT/PHMSA