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PIPA Recommended Practice ND24

ND24 "Install Temporary Markers on Edge of Transmission Pipeline Right-of-Way Prior to Construction Adjacent to Right-of-Way"

Practice Statement The property developer/owner should install temporary right-of-way (ROW) survey markers or fencing on the edge of the transmission pipeline ROW or buffer zone, as determined by the transmission pipeline operator, prior to construction to provide a clearly defined boundary. The property developer/owner should ensure that the temporary markers or fencing are maintained throughout the course of construction.

Audience(s): Local Government, Property Developer and Owner

Practice Description

Excavators must always call the one-call center prior to beginning any excavation and must respect the locate marks showing where underground facilities are located.

In addition, to mitigate the risk of excavation damage or overburden to the transmission pipeline due to heavy construction equipment or material storage, temporary edge-of-the-ROW markers should be installed by the property developer/owner to alert construction personnel of the extent of the transmission pipeline ROW. Placing temporary ROW markers can enhance awareness of the presence of the pipeline and assist in visualizing the proximity of structures and landscaping to the edge of the pipeline ROW. Temporary fencing or temporary ROW markers can be used to mark the edge of the pipeline ROW. The ROW markers should be easily distinguishable from utility, survey and proposed excavation markers.

Local governments should consider the installation of the markers as a condition of the excavation permit. The markers should be installed before work begins and remain in place until construction is complete. The local government or other entity responsible for construction inspections could verify that the fencing is properly installed and maintained. (See example below.)

Construction site adjacent to transmission pipeline right-of-way

Construction site adjacent to transmission pipeline right-of-way - Example of use of temporary right-or-way markers and construction fencing - The markers along the left edge of the right-of-way are temporary right-of-way markers. The other marker is a transmission pipeline marker which indicates the location of the pipeline within the right-of-way. Notice the concrete pipe and heavy equipment located outside the right-of-way.