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The Safe & Reliable Ethanol Transportation & Storage Technology Roadmapping Workshop was held in Dublin, Ohio on October 25-26, 2007. The workshop was organized to bring together experts with diverse perspectives on ethanol to identify:

  • gaps in knowledge, current industry practices, and future industry needs,
  • technical challenges related to pre-commissioning through delivery to the end user,
  • focused areas of study to support the development of solutions for knowledge gaps and technical challenges and guidelines for implementation, and
  • where and how the study can be aligned with related industry and regulatory activities.

The workshop consisted of a series of plenary presentations followed by detailed breakout sessions on four topics: Ethanol Sources & Quality Issues; Pipeline Integrity; Pipeline Operations; and Standards, Guidelines, and Training. Each of the detailed breakout sessions discussed the status of knowledge today, prioritized the gaps in knowledge and barriers that must be overcome, and identified specific activities that should be undertaken to address the gaps.

View the Ethanol Roadmapping results.
View an expanded gap analysis based on the workshop and completed May 2008.
Workshop documents are available below.

Keynote Presentations

Pipeline Industry Needs & Experiences, Chad Zamarin, Colonial Pipeline
Ethanol Producer Experience & End-Use Issues, Chuck Corr, ADM
Summary of Activities on Ethanol SCC - Pipelines, John Beavers, CC Technologies
Summary of Activities on Ethanol SCC - Tanks, Julio Maldonado, SRI and Russ Kane, Honeywell
Department of Defense Experience Related to Ethanol & Biofuels, Daniel Dunmire, DoD
Regulatory & Standards Needs and Approach, David Kunz, DOT/PHMSA
Brazil's Experience in Transporting Ethanol, Marcelino Gomes, Petrobras

Workshop Process and Logistics

Ross Brindle, Energetics

Breakout Sessions

Ethanol Sources and Quality Issues
Pipeline Integrity Issues
Pipeline Operations Issues
Standards, Guidelines, Training