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The Advanced Coatings for Pipelines and Related Facilities Workshop was held in Gaithersburg, MD on June 9 - 10, 2005. The 1.5 day event included approximately 60 representatives from Federal, State and international government agencies, public representatives, research funding organizations, standards organizations, and pipeline operators from the U.S. and overseas. Workshop documents are available below. If your connection is slow, try downloading the file (by right clicking on the link) before opening.

The purpose of this workshop was to identify and prioritize R&D, technology, and standards development needs with respect to coatings for the protection of pipelines and related land-based facilities from corrosion. In particular, this workshop covered needs in the areas of coatings development, test methods, application technologies, quality control, and the unique problems associated with identification, examination, and rehabilitation of coatings in the field including field application and repair technologies.

View the Proceedings Report from the Advanced Coatings for Pipelines & Related Facilities Workshop.
Workshop documents are available below.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Opening Remarks/Workshop Objectives:

Jim Merritt, DOT/PHMSA

Report on Findings of MMS Offshore Coatings Workshop:

D. Olson and B. Mishra, Colorado School of Mines

Review of Existing Pipeline Coatings Standards:

Sankara Papavinasam and R. Winston Revie, CANMET, Natural Resources, Canada

Update on Current Standards Activities:

R. Ricker for Don Kathrein, Tapecoat and Chair ASTM D01.48
Cliff Johnson, NACE International
Franci Jeglic, National Energy Board, Canada

Keynote Overviews:

Owner/Operator Viewpoint on Coatings Issues:
Jeff Didas, Colonial Pipeline

PRCI Activities and Coatings Deterioration Studies:
Greg Ruschau, CC Technologies
Jenny Been, NOVA Chemicals Corporation

GTI Activities and Preliminary Results from Coatings Test Program:
Paul Beckendorf, Gas Technology Institute

Coatings Fabrication Issues (Field and Factory):
Peter Singh, Bredero Shaw

NDE and Eddy Current Methods for Pipeline Coating Inspection:
S. Babu and E. Todorov, Edison Welding Institute

Coatings Failure Modes:
M. Dabiri, Williams Pipeline

Friday, June 10, 2005

Working Group Reports:

Coating Test Methods and Materials Development:
Chairs: M. Dabiri (Williams Pipeline) and B. Chang (Shell Global Solutions)

Coating Application Technologies and Quality Control (Mill Applied):
Chairs: P. Singh (Bredero Shaw) and R. Lewoniuk (NOVA Chem.)

Coating Identification, Inspection, and Evaluation Technologies:
Chairs: S. Babu (Edison Welding Institute) and R. Smith (DOT/PHMSA)

In-Field Technologies for Joints, Repairs, and Rehabilitation:
Chairs: J. Didas (Colonial Pipeline) and P. Nidd (PGNGroup)

General Discussion / Next Steps

Jim Merritt/Bob Smith, DOT/PHMSA