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The Advanced Welding and Joining Workshop was held in Boulder, CO on January 25 - 26, 2006. The 1.5 day event included approximately 75 representatives from Federal, State and international government agencies, public representatives, research funding organizations, standards organizations, and pipeline operators from the U.S. and Canada.

The purpose of this workshop was to collaboratively identify mutual welding and joining goals for government and industry to address along with the regulatory, standards and technology actions required to achieve them. Several critical gaps in technology, standards and knowledge were identified during five parallel breakout sessions.

View the Proceedings Report from the Advanced Welding and Joining Workshop.
Workshop documents are available below.

Introductions and Welcome:

Jim Merritt, PHMSA’s Pipeline Safety R&D Program

Overview of NIST:

Tom Siewert, NIST

Supporting Remarks (Reasons for this Workshop):

Bob Smith, PHMSA’s Pipeline Safety R&D Program
Joe Paviglianiti, National Energy Board of Canada
Joe Paviglianiti, Canadian Standards Association
Stephen Boros, Plastic Pipe Institute/Plastic Pipe Database Committee
Recap of R&D Forum Output: Marie Quintana, Lincoln Electric

Keynote Addresses:

Materials Joining Technology Advancements for Future Pipelines:
Nathan Ames(EWI) / Roger Howard / Mark Hudson(BP)

Joining Standards (nonmetallic):
Stephen Boros, Plastic Pipe Institute/Plastic Pipe Database Committee

Advanced Welding Repair and Remediation Methods for In-Service Pipelines:
Bill Bruce, EWI

Improved Inspection and Assessment Methods for Girth and Repair Welds:
David Horsley, TransCanada

Optimizing Weld Integrity for High-Strength Steels:
Yong-Yi Wang, EMCC

Underwater Wet Welding:
Steven Liu, Colorado School of Mines

Working Group Report-outs:

Weld Design in Emerging Materials: William Mohr (EWI) and Marie Quintana (Lincoln Electric)

Construction: Roger Howard (BP) and Nathan Ames (EWI)

Weld Inspection and Assessment Methods: Mark Lozev (EWI) and David Horsley (TransCanada)

Weld Maintenance and Repair: Jim Swatzel (Columbia Gas Transmission) and Bill Bruce (EWI)

Joining Issues for Nonmetallic Materials: George Ragula (PSE&G)