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Blue Ribbon Panel

PHMSA created a Blue Ribbon Panel to ensure that the PHMSA Pipeline Safety R&D Program is aligned with the needs of the pipeline safety mission, makes use of the best available knowledge and expertise, and considers stakeholder perspectives. The Blue Ribbon Panel has representatives from federal and state agencies involved in pipeline safety, industry R&D-funding organizations, pipeline trade associations, and standards organizations. At the June 2003 meeting, PHMSA sought the perspective of the Panel on R&D priorities, program design, and measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the R&D investment. At the May 2004 meeting, the Blue Ribbon Panel reviewed the scope and implementation of the Broad Agency Announcements (R&D solicitations), the program structure as embedded in the R&D Strategic Plan, the submissions to the OMB Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) evaluation, and R&D performance measures.