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Case CPF 420135027

This report lists key information pertaining to a particular enforcement case (1). For cases initiated after January 1, 2007, electronic files of PHMSA's initial notice letter, the operator's initial response letter (if any), and PHMSA's Final Order (if an Order is issued) are provided. PHMSA only issues Final Orders in certain situations. For example, Final Orders are not issued for Warning Letters and most Notices of Amendment.

Case Summary 
Case Number 420135027
Case Type Proposed Civil Penalty
Proposed Compliance Order
Subject(s) Integrity Management - Hazardous Liquid Pipelines
Integrity Management - Hazardous Liquid Pipelines (withdrawn)
Region Southwest
Date Opened 11/06/13
Proposed Civil Penalty $2,659,200
Assessed Civil Penalty $274,900
Collected Civil Penalty $274,900
Basis for penalty reduction Not enough evidence
Operator provided additional evidence
Compliance Order Yes
Final Order Date 08/07/18
Date Closed 08/29/19

The Response Options for Pipeline Operators in Compliance Proceedings provides a more detailed description of an operator's options in responding to enforcement cases. This document accompanies all NOPV and NOA letters. The document linked here is the current version. The corresponding document at the time the case was opened may differ from the current version.

The set of documents provided here may be incomplete.

fileglyph420135027_Closure Letter_08292019.pdf 25 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_Closure Letter_08292019_text.pdf 81 KB accessible version
fileglyph420135027_Decision on the Petition for Reconsideration_04012016.pdf 1,079 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_Decision on the Petition for Reconsideration_04012016_text.pdf 77 KB accessible version
fileglyph420135027_Exxon Mobil v. PHMSA_Petition For Review of a Final Order Issued by PHMSA_Case Decision(United States Court of Appeals)_08142017.PDF 208 KB
fileglyph420135027_Final Order_10012015.pdf 629 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_Final Order_10012015_text.pdf 211 KB accessible version
fileglyph420135027_HQ Grants Extended Stay of Compliance Order_02042016.pdf 52 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_HQ Grants Extended Stay of Compliance Order_02042016_text.pdf 7 KB accessible version
fileglyph420135027_HQ Stay of Compliance Order_11042015.pdf 356 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_HQ Stay of Compliance Order_11042015_text.pdf 8 KB accessible version
fileglyph420135027_NOPV PCP PCO_11062013.pdf 404 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_NOPV PCP PCO_11062013_text.pdf 55 KB accessible version
fileglyph420135027_Operator Petition for Reconsideration Replaces the Original Affidavit at Tab 82 with new Supplemental Affidavit_10272015.pdf 199 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_Operator Petition for Reconsideration_10212015.pdf 613 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_Operator_Response_and_Request_for_Hearing_12052013.pdf 865 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_Order on Remand_08072018.pdf 1,069 KB scanned version
fileglyph420135027_Order on Remand_08072018_text.pdf 100 KB accessible version

NOTE: Most documents provided on these pages are in PDF format. To read them, you may need to download a free viewer.

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  1. PHMSA Safety Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART)and the Work Management System as of December 4, 2023.

For comments and questions on the enforcement information presented on this site, please send us feedback.

Information provided on this website is intended to enhance public understanding of PHMSA's enforcement program. Aggregate and company-specific statistical information reflecting PHMSA's enforcement actions is provided beginning with 2002. Key documents associated with new administrative enforcement cases are provided beginning with 2007. Agency orders issued since 2002 are also provided. The search feature may not retrieve every document associated with each individual enforcement action. Enforcement data is updated monthly as additional cases are initiated and other cases are resolved. Historical totals will change over time to reflect changes in case status.

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