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Common Ground Alliance

The Common Ground Alliance identifies and promotes the implementation of a comprehensive list of practices for preventing damage to underground facilities, such as pipelines. These best practices are an invaluable resource for all stakeholders concerning damage prevention and pipeline safety.

CGA Best Practices title page

The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) is a non-profit organization that grew out of the Common Ground Study of One-Call Systems and Damage Prevention Best Practices.

The CGA actively promotes underground facilities damage prevention and implementation of the damage prevention best practices to all stakeholders, including the public, facility operators, utility locators, excavators, farmers, and One-Call organizations. Its objective is to encourage widespread recognition and adoption of the damage prevention best practices.

Additionally, the CGA works with federal, state and local governments to encourage incorporation of the best practices into statutes and regulations and to promote other damage prevention initiatives.

You can join the CGA. You maybe able to make a difference in your own community!

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