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PHMSA's Role in Alternative Fuels Transportation

PHMSA is the primary Federal Administration responsible for ensuring that all energy pipelines are safe, reliable, and environmentally sound.

This jurisdiction enables PHMSA to aggressively address issues related to the transportation of alternative fuels in pipelines. The stage appears set to develop significant momentum to review asset compatibility, regulatory requirements and the market drivers for many alternative fuels. Partnerships between PHMSA, the pipeline industry, other Federal and State agencies and the emergency first responder community are rapidly addressing infrastructure challenges and removing the technical and regulatory barriers for transportation of some alternative fuels. These initiatives are critical for enabling alternative fuel usage to grow nationwide and reach government production targets.

PHMSA’s focus is short term (1-3 years) and the amount of current activity varies from one fuel to another. Substantial, sustainable volumes of alternative fuels production are necessary to justify pipeline economics before significant focus is seen by PHMSA. Multiple actions and activities are occurring in the following categories:

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