PHMSA Gas Transmission (GT) Integrity Management
Time: 01/17/2017 01:03 PM

Rule Section: §192.927(c)(4)

Post-assessment evaluation and monitoring.

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Rule Language:

An operator's plan must provide for evaluating the effectiveness of the ICDA process and continued monitoring of covered segments where internal corrosion has been identified. The evaluation and monitoring process includes:

  1. Evaluating the effectiveness of ICDA as an assessment method for addressing internal corrosion and determining whether a covered segment should be reassessed at more frequent intervals than those specified in 192.939. An operator must carry out this evaluation within a year of conducting an ICDA; and
  2. Continually monitoring each covered segment where internal corrosion has been identified using techniques such as coupons, UT sensors or electronic probes, periodically drawing off liquids at low points and chemically analyzing the liquids for the presence of corrosion products. An operator must base the frequency of the monitoring and liquid analysis on results from all integrity assessments that have been conducted in accordance with the requirements of this subpart, and risk factors specific to the covered segment. If an operator finds any evidence of corrosion products in the covered segment, the operator must take prompt action in accordance with one of the two following required actions and remediate the conditions the operator finds in accordance with 192.933.
    1. conduct excavations of covered segments at locations downstream from where the electrolyte might have entered the pipe; or
    2. assess the covered segment using another integrity assessment method allowed by this subpart.

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