PHMSA Gas Transmission (GT) Integrity Management
Time: 01/18/2017 08:12 PM

Protocol Item E.03

E.03 Operator Response when Timelines for Evaluation and Remediation Cannot be Met

Verify that provisions exist to respond appropriately when the operator is unable to meet time limits for evaluation and remediation. [192.933(a)].

  1. Verify a requirement exists to take a temporary operating pressure reduction or other action that ensures safety of the covered segment in the event the operator is unable to respond within the timeframes required by �192.933. [�192.933(a)]
    1. Verify a requirement exists to determine the appropriate pressure reduction using ASME B31G, or "RSTRENG", or reduce pressure to a level not exceeding 80% of the level at the time the condition was discovered. [�192.933(a)]
    2. Verify a requirement exists that when a pressure reduction is to exceed 365 days, a documented technical justification is developed that explains the reason for remediation delay and demonstrates continuation of the reduction will not jeopardize pipeline integrity. [§192.933(a)]
  1. Verify a requirement exists to document the justification, when an evaluation and a remediation activity cannot be completed within established timeframe requirements, that includes the reasons why the schedule cannot be met and the basis for why the changed schedule will not jeopardize public safety. [[§192.933(a) and §192.933(c)]

  1. Verify a requirement exists to notify PHMSA in accordance with §192.949 and the State or local pipeline safety authority, if applicable, when:
    1. the operator cannot meet the evaluation and remediation schedule and cannot provide a temporary reduction in operating pressure or other action. [ [§192.933(a)(1) and §192.933(c)], and
    2. a pressure reduction exceeds 365 days. [§192.933(a)(2)]

    The notification is to include the documented justification under protocols E.03.a and E.03.b.

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