PHMSA Gas Transmission (GT) Integrity Management
Time: 01/17/2017 12:59 PM

Protocol Item D.02

D.02 ECDA Pre-Assessment

Verify that the ECDA Pre-assessment process complies with ASME B31.8S-2004, Section 6.4 and NACE RP0502-2002 to (1) determine if ECDA is feasible for the pipeline to be evaluated, (2) identify ECDA regions and (3) select Indirect Inspection Tools. [192.925(b)(1)]

  1. Verify that the operator identifies and collects adequate data to support ECDA pre-assessment. [NACE RP0502-2002, Section 3.2]

  1. Verify that the operator conducts an ECDA feasibility assessment by integrating and analyzing the data collected. [NACE RP0502-2002, Section 3.3]

  1. Verify that the operator complies with all requirements for appropriate indirect inspection tools selection: [NACE RP0502-2002, Section 3.4, NACE RP0502-2002, Table 2, and 192.925(b)(1)(ii)]
    1. A minimum of 2 complementary tools must be selected such that the strengths of one tool compensate for the limitations of the other tool. (Note: The operator must consider whether more than two indirect inspection tools are needed to reliably detect corrosion activity.)
    2. Tools are able to assess and reliably detect corrosion activity and/or coating holidays.
    3. Verify that the operator documents the basis for its tool selection.
    4. If the operator utilizes an indirect inspection method not listed in NACE RP0502-2002, Appendix A, verify that the operator justifies and documents the method's applicability, validation basis, equipment used, application procedure, and utilization of data. [192.925(b)(1)(ii)]
  1. Verify that the operator identifies ECDA Regions based on the use of data integration results applied to specified criteria. [NACE RP0502-2002, Section 3.5]

  1. Verify that the operator applies more restrictive criteria when conducting ECDA for the first time on a covered segment. [192.925(b)(1)(i)]

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