PHMSA Gas Transmission (GT) Integrity Management
Time: 01/17/2017 10:55 AM

Protocol Item F.01

F.01 Periodic Evaluations

Verify the operator conducts a periodic evaluation of pipeline integrity based on data integration and risk assessment to identify the threats specific to each covered segment and the risk represented by these threats. [192.917 and 192.937(b)]

  1. Verify that periodic evaluations are conducted based on a data integration and risk assessment of the entire pipeline as specified in 192.917. The evaluation must consider the following: [192.937(b) and 192.917]
    1. Past and present assessment results
    2. Data integration and risk assessment information [192.917]
    3. Decisions about remediation [192.933]
    4. Additional preventive and mitigative actions [192.935]
  1. Verify that periodic evaluations of data are thorough, complete, and adequate for establishing reassessment methods and schedules. [192.937(b)]

  1. Verify that an appropriate interval is established for performing required periodic evaluations of threats and pipeline conditions following completion of the baseline assessment. [192.937(b)]

  1. Verify that the operator periodically reviews the evaluation results to determine if the new information warrants changes to reassessment intervals and/or methods, and makes changes as appropriate. [192.937]

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