PHMSA Gas Transmission (GT) Integrity Management
Time: 01/17/2017 01:01 PM

Protocol Area N. Submittal of Program Documents

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N.01 Integrity Management Program Document Submittal

Verify that the operator includes provisions in its program to submit, upon request, the operator's risk analysis or integrity management program to: [§192.911(n)]

[See Details...]

Explanation of Protocol Format

Each protocol element will have top-tier protocols that address the high level requirements. The regulatory requirement upon which the protocol is based is contained in brackets; e.g., [§192.905(a)]

Each top-tier protocol will have detailed "sub-tier" protocols which collectively lead the inspector to draw overall conclusions about compliance with the top-tier protocol. The regulatory requirement, upon which each sub-tier protocol is based, is also contained in brackets.

Notes on protocols:
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