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Pipeline Safety Stakeholder Communications

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PIPA Communication Team

This page provides a working space for the PIPA Communication Team to post and share working documents. Please contact Hung Nguyen, PHMSA, to submit documents for posting or for comments and questions regarding the use of this page. Also see the PIPA Home Page for other materials and information.

Contact: Hung Nguyen, PHMSA, Hung.Nguyen@dot.gov, Office: (202) 366-0568

PIPA Webinars - PHMSA and the National Association of Counties (NACo) are cooperating to host a series of webinars to promote the PIPA recommended practices and, where possible, the integration of pipeline considerations into state hazard mitigation plans. The latter will provide a useful process for encouraging further adoption of the PIPA recommended practices.

Following are informational flyers prepared for the scheduled webinars. Under the Promotional Materials subheading below, generic adaptations of these flyers are provided.